Should your Agent be EVERYWHERE? YAAAS!

Real Estate

In today’s real estate world, MARKETING is completely different than it was 26 years ago. Heck, it’s different than it was yesterday! So when it’s time to choose someone to MARKET your home, it is important that the agent (or #realestateteamofchoice) knows where EVERYWHERE is!

Some of the tools in our bag of tricks are old school … and that is never going to change. Does that mean that The Exceptional Team advertises in the newspaper? What? Yes … there are certain times of year when trying to reach certain types of buyers that our inventory needs the exposure of crisp and direct local newspaper advertising. What about snail mail? Is it a thing of the past? Targeted mailing with a concise, red-letter message is a must. 

What about yard signs, sales calls and the good old telephone? All we can say is …YAAASSS! It is more important than ever the telephone becomes a part of the marketing plan. Who makes a move of any sort without their phone? So, making the phone WORK for us is important. Last month we introduced our new mobile app that allows a buyer to Search ANY HOME from ANY PHONE (or IPad)! A simple text opens the door! Want to try it out? Text TEAM to (843)353-1706 to see for yourself. And, if another agent tries to tell you that the majority of buyers today search only from a desktop computer … bless their hearts. According to our statistics for our specific marketing plan, 68% of you are reading this RIGHT NOW on a mobile device!

Fast-forward to internet marketing. Our team has been in the business long enough that we were part of the movement that had to convince our colleagues that it truly was a good idea to share our listings on the “world wide web”! Today, our team’s listings appear on more than 900 different searchable real estate sites. (What is just as important is being there is how the offering is presented and positioned and that’s something that Carol and I will address another time! And, then deciphering the plethora of gobbledygook that is out there is that task for Robin and Jill! Again … another topic for another day.)

Okay, those things are pretty standard. What about social media? If you interview an agent and they say that social media is not an absolute cornerstone of their marketing plan then I have to tell you that you simply have chosen the wrong agent and you need to end the meeting and call us RIGHT AWAY!

   I am not suggesting that it is enough to simply have a Facebook page and put stuff there sometimes! That is not a social media PLAN. The same principles    apply - a crisp, direct, far-reaching but targeted plan for leveraging social media. The presence must be in the current style using current techniques that fit the    marketplace. You know what I mean! If you are selling a waterfront property and the agent shows up to take pictures with their smartphone, and there isn’t a  drone pilot tagging along then I would venture to say that the post featuring YOUR ASSET is going to be pretty 2010!

But, what about INSTAGRAM? If the wise old agent that you think knows the deal tells you that our market “isn’t ready” for #realestateofinstagram … you know what to do! The consumer that we speak to on Facebook is completely different than the one that we speak to on Instagram, so it is important that we speak BOTH languages. Lucky for you, we do! If you are receiving this newsletter than we certainly consider you a “friend” so we hope that you will follow our adventures by “getting social” with us!

ow this is scratching the surface about how, why and where we employ our “exceptional” marketing strategies. We can’t really put it all out there. So … back to where we started. When you are choosing a real estate agent to represent you in the sale of what may be the largest commodity you own, does your agent really need to be EVERYWHERE? Short answer – YES.

No worries ... We’re here for ya’! We're the #EverywhereTeam!  #fourforone


Team Leader, The Exceptional Team